Civil Society Leaders Awards FAQ

Frequent Asked Questions:

1) How can I apply? When is the deadline?

By accessing: The deadline for applications is 20th of December.

2) I’m not part of any organization, can I apply?

If you have done remarkable social initiatives during the year of 2010, you are able to apply in the category of Civil Society Leader (male or female)

3) Do I have to pay anything to apply?


4) What kind of activities or projects can I apply?

Projects or Initiatives that addresses social needs, empowerment of civil society and aim for the development of the country.

5) What makes me eligible for public voting?

By sending the full application (including required materials) related to activities that support society needs and the community.

6) When is the public voting?

It will take place from 28th of October to 8th of December, 2010. Remind that after public voting, all projects will be submitted to a specialist jury.

7) How can I have my application confirmed?

Tawasul will receive all applications and confirm to your e-mail. If you sent and didn’t receive confirmation, please, contact us.

8) Can I apply for more than 1 category?


9) Can I apply projects that are not completed in 2010?

We recommend that projects that are not completed in the year of 2010 apply for next year’s edition (2011). Although, if your project already have results in the year of 2010, it is eligible to apply for this year’s edition.

10) Can I apply research projects?

Yes. Bear in mind that the research projects also should address social initiatives.

11) When will the candidates will know the result?

During the event: 14th of December

12) How can I participate of the Civil Society Leaders Awards Ceremony?

By contacting Tawasul and paying the fee.

13) Do I have to be a candidate to participate of the Ceremony?

No. The community in general is invited to participate.

14) How is the decision making process for the Award?

All projects that fulfill the requirement, will be submitted firstly to a public voting (40%) and after to a Jury (60%) which will take the final decision to be announced on 14th of December.



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